Audiolandschaft Strudengau

Audiolandscape Strudengau
Digital archive, sound, website, 2017

An  acoustic walk

The region of Strudengau is a wild and romantic countryside along the Danube in Ober-  and Niederösterreich (upper and lower Austria). The Strudengau is a historic countryside, well known for its former danube trumoils. Now its an inside, nearly forgotten tip for hikers and slow tourism. AUDIOLANDSCHAFT STRUDENGAU is presenting this artificial landscape in an auditive way.

A combination of photography and sound recordings creates a modern landscape. The wild water of the Danube (the region is called after this former dangerous zone) is under control, but the Strudengau continues its way. Calm, sharp and  unstoppable.

More than 100 soundscapes taken in the region of Strudengau (upper / lower Austria), combined with simultanously taken images. The archive is published on a website