Archive – Lost Paintings

Archive Paintings and lost Paintings This archive page presents some works of art from the beginnings of my artistic work. From 1993 to 2005 I created over 450 paintings in my studio at the time. I worked on canvases, on stretchers, mostly with oil paints and mixed media. Very often in the format 110x90cm. Due …

three little apes self portrait roland wegerer Ape 3 RE1

Three Little Apes

This portrait series is inspired by the iconic three little apes. 3 Portraits of the artists are defaults for transformation with the Al Gahaku App and it’s ten variation options. The results will be presented in the internet or other digital mediums.

Vegetation zirkel Roland Wegerer

Vegetation Circle

In his ring-like installation, Roland Wegerer shows a flowing panorama of vegetation stages. Buckets are used to cover grass for some weeks.

Self glitch Selfglitch - Roland Wegerer 17


The artist transforms and deforms his selfies by using apps on his mobile phone. Questions about image, storytelling and self-optimization are ignored.

Dance art figure

Passè – Dance art figure

Passè shows an abstract dancer in a ballet position called Passè. This installation was settled in the former Anton-Bruckner-University in Linz just before it was rebuilt. In this place students got their education in music, dancing and acting. This rotating figure is a silent goodbye for this house.