My video performance “What’s Your Name” will be screened on Nov 17 at the Macro Museum in Roma!





17 November 2019, 15:00

by Paola Zucchello and Art Web Gallery Cultural Association for Medial Art


A loop projection of works of art in video preceded by a conversation on the theme of Videoperformance and the Art Web Gallery


They’re speaking:

Paola Zucchello – Art Director of the Art Web Gallery, Cultural Association for Medial Art

Francesca Gallo – Researcher of History of Contemporary Art at the University of Rome La Sapienza




Tales Frey, Reverso, Portugal 2014, 3’50

Eduardo Gabriel Herrera, Upload, Argentina 2018, 4’07”

Maria Felix Korporal, Square Flight, Holland 2012, 2’12”

Fenia Kotsopoulou, (Dis)remembering, Greece 2014, 2’13”

Francesca Lolli, Just want to be a WoMan, Italy 2014, 2’59”

Shahar Marcus, Leap of faith, Israel 2010, 3’03

Albert Merino, The city and the other, Spain 2010, 3’18”

Simone Stoll, Rain, Germany 2008, 1’30

Giuliano Sturli, Danza Fatua, Italy 1987, 9’45

Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Merge, United States 2017, 4’05

Roland Wegerer, What’s your name? Austria 2010, 1’56”.

Roberta Weissman Nagy, Space with no surface, Croatia 2018, 3’59