Photography, each 45x30cm, Social Media (Instagram), model, 2016 – ongoing

Since the opening of his WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE gallery, Roland Wegerer has been showing a series of space-consuming installations, using digital space in the process. In the online gallery, proportions change and everyday objects are elevated to the status of exhibits solely through their positioning. 

WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE is an experiment with shifts in meaning and a critical examination of the art system. Here, perception, validity and success are only a question of dimension and perspective. The actual art in this game between reality and image, however, is the digital image, its reception and its distribution. Wegerer playfully explores the potential of social media as a means of self-empowerment for artists. 

An Instagram direct link becomes an admission ticket to a globally available exhibition space, terminals with online access to visualization tools.