Vegetation zirkel Roland Wegerer

Vegetation Circle

In his ring-like installation, Roland Wegerer shows a flowing panorama of vegetation stages. Buckets are used to cover grass for some weeks.

Dance art figure

Passè – Dance art figure

Passè shows an abstract dancer in a ballet position called Passè. This installation was settled in the former Anton-Bruckner-University in Linz just before it was rebuilt. In this place students got their education in music, dancing and acting. This rotating figure is a silent goodbye for this house.


WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE exhibitions roland wegerer Installationview: CCA Fabrikka, Moscow (RUS), Sept. 2019 Installation view: Megy, Megáll, Marad / Go, Stop, Stay, MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art,Debrecen (HU), March 2019 Photography, each 45x30cm, Social Media (Instagram), model, 2016 – ongoing Since the opening of his WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE gallery, Roland Wegerer has been showing a series of …

Experimental Hiking

Experimental Hiking Site-specific project, Duration: 50min, 2016Töpperschloss Neubruck / Scheibbs (A) (at the NÖ-Viertelfestival | Mostviertel 2016) Guided walk in a castels garden by ignoring compiled ways. Lampposts, flagpoles, trees,… are becoming marks for a hidden hiking trail. What is the essence of hiking? What is a trace and how to read it? Artworks Ideencoach

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice Video performance, app. 500x300cm, 8:05 min, HD, sound, 2010 The video performance “THIS IS MY VOICE” shows a stuttering chorus. Ten choreographically identical speech performances are shown simultanously. The irritation caused by the stuttering sound results in a new onomatopoetic sound. Installationview Installationview: Electric Walls, Los Angeles Artworks Ideencoach

The White Digger

The White Digger Installationview: „Best off 08“, Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz (A) Video installation, wooden construction, 2.0 x 1.5 m, DVD, Mini DV, 15:32min, 4:3, sound, 2008 A face on a bed of flour starts to dig itself into the pile. By repeatedly blowing the flour is moved to the side and goes up like a fountain. …

How To Go Through Something You Can’t See​

How To Go Through Something You Can’t See Video installation, video projected on shop windows, 2,8 x1, 5m, 21:34 min (loop), 16:9, no sound, 2007 A larger than life face rubs on the window glass. The glass of shop windows is a barrier which must always be clean and not contaminated. Touching the glass is a …

Ich bin kein Fisch

Ich bin kein Fisch Video, DVD, Mini DV, 3:23 min, 4:3, sound, 2006 This video performance shows the artist trying to enter the water as a new habitat. Because of his anatomical characteristics it is not possible for him to remain for a longer periode of time under water. The absurdity and the failure …