three little apes self portrait roland wegerer Ape 3 RE1

Three Little Apes

This portrait series is inspired by the iconic three little apes. 3 Portraits of the artists are defaults for transformation with the Al Gahaku App and it’s ten variation options. The results will be presented in the internet or other digital mediums.

Self glitch Selfglitch - Roland Wegerer 17


The artist transforms and deforms his selfies by using apps on his mobile phone. Questions about image, storytelling and self-optimization are ignored.


WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE exhibitions roland wegerer Installationview: CCA Fabrikka, Moscow (RUS), Sept. 2019 Installation view: Megy, Megáll, Marad / Go, Stop, Stay, MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art,Debrecen (HU), March 2019 Photography, each 45x30cm, Social Media (Instagram), model, 2016 – ongoing Since the opening of his WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE gallery, Roland Wegerer has been showing a series of …

The Hummerbichler

The Hummerbichler C-Prints,  var. dim., 2014 Extended variations related to “The Hummerbichler Series”. This row follows the Hummerbichler in various situations and various shapes. Artworks Ideencoach

Staring At The Sun Through My Hands

Staring At The Sun Through My Hands 7 Photographs, C-Print, 75×50 cm, 2014 Pictures taken during “Staring at the sun through my hands”.  Hint: You can try this too! Build a little cave with your hands. Use this “filter” to stare direclty into to sun. Take care of leaks! Artworks Ideencoach

It’s Dark in Here

It’s Dark In Here Series of photography, C-Print, var. dim., 2008 “It’s Dark in Here” is a study to exame my head in relation to a black plastic bag. Thirteen photographs are showing the iconic beauty of taking yourself in a trash bag. Artworks Ideencoach